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The first visit to the dentist should be a fun day out for a child where they will get to press buttons, sit on the moving chair, sign the lego wall, watch movies on the ceiling TV and meet the dentist, nurse and receptionist.

Every child will get VIP treatment from the minute they come in to when they wave goodbye to us.  Whether it’s the choosing of the stickers after their visit with Ann at reception, watching their DVDs on the ceiling TV in Paul’s room or getting to press all the buttons on Emma’s moving chair, every child should leave with a nice memory of their first visit to the dentist.

You get one chance at a first impression and this is even more important when we see our young patients for the first time. You know the way you really want it to go well for them?  Well, we want it to go better than that.

Give us a ring on 016102222 to arrange that first visit to the dentist for your child at Riverside Dental Practice in Celbridge.

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