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I went for the ‘White For Life’ tooth whitening at Riverside. Paul is a great dentist, and I’m very pleased with the whitening. Good job!
Blathnaid, Leixlip
I had a consultation and a x-ray taken. €40.00. I was very happy with result.
Brid, Dublin
I had put off having treatment for almost a year,because I was so nervous.Having had treatment at this clinic,it has taken away all my fear and I will no longer but off having any treatment.
Denise, Kildare
Very pleased with the results. I was nervous, but next time, I won’t be. Had to get three fillings (argh!) and I need a crown, too. It’s not cheap, but it was slightly cheaper than I’d thought it woud be. And they do a deal for teeth whitening thats really good value.
Joseph, Ireland
I go here for all my checkups and I have also had teeth whitening done. I had it done before in a Dublin clinic, and it was dearer and didn’t work as well. I had two fillings too, and didn’t feel a thing.
Sandra, Ireland
Just left after my first ever extraction at 44 years of age!! It was taken out to the sounds of “you’ve got a friend in me” and I certainly do – thank you Paul. I was shaking with the fear and Paul asured me I would feel nothing. He was right!!! It was painless and I promise to come back for the other one!!
Karen, Celbridge
Brought my 5 year old for his first check up today. From the Lego on the wall and the ‘Ice Age’ DVD playing to Paul himself and the lovely secretary giving out the superhero stickers I would highly recommend them.
Tracy, Kildare
Highly recommend Paul and his staff. I am the worst person ever to visit the dentist. While I would still prefer not to have to, the experience with Paul as my dentist, is made so comfortable and pain free that I have no fear about returning on a regular basis.
Marian, Dublin
Been going to Paul since I was little an all my family goes to him amazing dentist would highly recommend 🙂
Ellen, Ireland
Best dentist I have ever been to! Simples 🙂
Niamh, Kildare
Got my wisdom tooth out Friday, was so nervous put Paul was amazing. He even put on a kids movie too take my mind off it. Was shocked how quick and painless it was. Barely even needed painkillers on Friday night. Not one bit nervous about getting the other one out in a few week.
Louise, Celbridge
Our family dentists for the last few years, I’m telling you-they are the BEST of the BEST dentists EVER.I highly recommend them to everyone…:-)
Gunita, Kildare
Got my tooth out today not one bit of pain getting it out , 6 hours later still pain free.. thanks Paul best dentist I’ve ever been at
Angela, Celbridge
Brilliant dentist! Highly recommended. I didn’t feel a thing!
Eoghan, Kildare
This dental practice is the reason I can bring myself for 6 monthly checkups. After every one I say I didn’t feel a thing even though I’m shaking with nerves when I sit into the chair. Thanks Paul
Ruth, Celbridge
We travel from Athlone to the dentist as my two daughters love to visit Ann and Paul and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Catherine, Dublin
Paul is a super Dentist and a gentleman as well… id strongly recommend him to anyone who would have the age old ‘fear’ of dentist… i would fall asleep in the chair and love the music played while your in there
Gary, Kildare
Paul is the best dentist I have ever been to! He was so kind to my children too when I was stuck and had to bring them with me during treatment! Thank you x
Angie, Celbridge
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